melinda may


Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania

In December of 1988

Where I had ducks and chickens and turtles

And a trampoline

And a creek running through my back yard

Several "secret gardens" and tree forts etc

It was fantastic

During this fantastic childhood time

My family was a band

My parents played guitar, mom played piano

All of us including my sister sang

We performed often

I asked my parents to teach me to play guitar when I was 15

So that's what happened

I did all the things as a teen that all future singer-songwriter artist types do

Such as sing the National Anthem at local sporting events

Win some talents shows

Be really miserable in high school because no one "gets" me

Join every club and sport possible and quit mid season

(I did complete a year of Cheerleading)

Organize student protests

Refuse to take standardized tests

And swim class

And Crafts

Join a fire department

Be homeschooled for a year just cause

Normal stuff

I briefly tried to deny my future singer-songwriter artist self

And studied engineering at Penn State for a while

And while I really liked the stuff I was studying

And my best friend and I were having a pretty great time

I knew the whole time

That I was going to withdraw and spend my life doing other things

Like making songs and living in New York City

So that's what's happening

So my life looks like anyone else's

Except I'm writing songs about it while I'm doing it

I hope you like them.